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HAKKANI GROUP one of the prestigious and experienced industrial group in Bangladesh today, located in Chittagong. Keeping pace with rapid economical and technological changes followed by the policy of globalization, the group has outspread their business activities within a short period of time and have able to emerge a promoter of a international standard of business house and industrial enterprise of engineering and financial integrity with a group of highly capable and technical personnel and professionals.

Since inception, Hakkani Group has been actively contributing to the national as well as national economy by way of effective utilization of resources through establishing paper mills, transport company, trading house, filling station, telecommunication related business and other commercial organization around the country, resulting this, hundred of people of different stage are employed here and opportunities of employment is going to be outspread day by day.

Our Business

Papers Production

In the paper sector of Hakkani Group contains three paper mills located at Patiya & Boalkhali upa zilla within 30 Kelometers distance from chittagong able to produce about one hundred metric tons of finished paper like as white print, newsprint, liner, craft and media papers. Hakkani papers have been able to maintain an exclusive quality, followed by the international standard technology and competitive market demands. The group already decided to establish new paper plant in a large dimension in view of increasing market demands of the country and to play a vital role to reduce import target of the country in the respective categories of paper.

Transportation Service

Hakkani Group have been involved in transport sector for more than three decades along with it’s well- equipped motor workshop, contributes the people in carrying their goods in any remote areas of the country with reasonable fare. The group already gathered a huge experience in container handling at chittagong port and different gas field related activities around the country. A big convey of modern technology based vehicles providing rest less support to the people as per their requirement.

Trading Business

Hakkani group also involved in trading business, import, new and secondhand vehicles, It;s different parts and equipments in a large scale and marketing accordingly. In addition to this, the company already able to put a glorious sign in the field of marketing of poultry and animal feed, milk-powder, food-grain and other commodity as per consumer’s demand.

Filling Stations

Hakkani Group belongs filling stations, CNG refueling station and CNG conversion workshop. Filling stations are the pioneer business concerns of Hakkani group. Since inception (before liberation war) Hakkani refueling station contributing the motor vehicle owners by ensuring supply of correct measure and purity of fuels.