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Mohammed Golam Kibria

It is my great pleasure to welcome to the Hakkani Group website.

HAKKANI has grown over the years, the Group now has operations and investments across a wide range of industries including paper, transport, fuel business, real estate development, trading and communication and technologies.

HAKKANI has evolved itself into a robust, dynamic and forward looking industry in the course of the last forty years. The Company owes its indebtedness to you for your constant support and encouragement that have inspired a momentum within us to go ahead with our dreams. We envision a bright future for our great nation and strive hard to achieve the same through synergy, innovation and hard work in our chosen sphere.

As the Managing Director it is my duty and responsibility to assure our all valuable clients that the products we manufacture at Hakkani group are made using the best quality raw materials. Since the beginning of our organization, we have used the best quality raw materials along with most advanced manufacturing technologies process to prepare the primmest quality of paper and tissue products.

Mohammed Golam Kibria

Because we believe that the best quality of goods are made by the best quality of ingredients. Through the constant dedication and tireless effort from our skilled workforces and a state of the art quality control laboratory, we have been consistent on maintaining the best quality of products. A strategically developed expert distribution channel has made our products available to the clients throughout the country with very competitive price.
With our focus on customer orientation, products development, invention of new products and quality products, environment friendly products; we are fully geared up to expand our operations across Bangladesh and worldwide. We have taken great strides to broaden our expertise on different methods in the production process in many of our departments, combining with Bangladesh’s diligent, hardworking and skilled labor force to produce quality paper and tissue products for your needs.

Often we hear that the present civilization will become a paperless civilization in the near future. However, we believe that this idea will take many more years to become a reality in Bangladesh due to less access to technology such the Internet, boost to primary education, and the tradition of keeping a hard copy of all important documents in all workplaces.

Furthermore, paperless society will not happen in future so easily as books will continue to get published and all the products will need to be packaged. This leaves us with a vast opportunity and hence, over the years, we aim to increase our turnover rate through incremental sales.

As a public limited company, Hakkani Pulp and Paper Mills Limited is committed to returning capital to shareholders via a sustainable dividend policy subject to consideration of factors such as the business outlook, capital requirements for growth opportunities, expansion plans, optimal leverage levels and healthy cash reserves in addition to regulatory approvals. On the other hands, the Board of Directors has always dedicated all its efforts to ensure fair and equal treatment to every shareholder including the minority shareholders. In order to protect the interest of minority shareholders, the company undertook various parameter to establish accountability and transparency and also established a practice to serve small investors and minority shareholders promptly.

Finally, our team is dedicated to provide you with safe, reliable, convenient and environment friendly products, 24×7. I am confident, that with your continued support and our motivated employees, the journey ahead will be much more exciting and successful.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website. I wholeheartedly welcome any constructive feedback you may have, please free to write to us at: info@hakkanigroup.com