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Alhaj Md. Abdullah


Al-haj Md. Abdullah

Hakkani Group is founded by Mohammed Abdullah. He was born in a famous Muslim family of Chattogram, Bangladesh in 1947.

Inspired by his father, AL haj Mohammed Abu Bakker’s success, he deal a Soap and Chemical manufacturing, trading and marketing business even after his father passed away.

After passing away his father, Mohammed Abdullah started the heavy transport business, trading (dealer) of fuels (Refueling Station), communication business and various franchise business and manufacturing, trading and marketing of various papers like writing paper, printing paper, newspaper, craft paper, paper board, media paper and different kinds of tissue paper etc.

Mr. Abdullah was a visionary man. He earned a treasure of experiences by his hardworking and honesty through doing business, setting different industrial units and leading the whole activities from the front for the last 40 years in Hakkani Group of Companies.

Mr. Abdullah provided his leadership as Vice- Chairman for the period of 19 (Nineteen) years from the inception and as the Chairman for the period of 7 (Seven years) since 2015 to the Board of Directors of Hakkani Pulp and Paper Mills Limited.

HAKKANI was the name of a saint. AL haj Mohammed Abu Bakker i.e.  Father of Mohammed Abdullah was a Mureed (spiritual followers) of Hakkani. HAKKANI was named according to the name of the peer (a spiritual guide) because it signifies accuracy and perfection meaning peace, honesty and quality as the Hakkani Group committed in manufacturing and providing quality products and services.

The then small company is a publicly listed diversified group of companies working more than 3000 people. HAKKANI is today a synonym of quality, peace and honesty. All these were possible due to his innovative ideas, tireless efforts, perseverance and dedication with self-confidence which contributed to his successful achievements. Now the name “HAKKANI” inspires trust. Under his dynamic leadership, HAKKANI is set to continue its progress globally.

He paid great attention to operational details and played crucial role in nurturing the company to its profit-yielding status. He was the inspiration behind the Company launching the recently completed Tissue unit. He passed away on 30 April 2021. In his passing away, our company has lost its Guiding Star and the void is hard to fill.

Though he is no more, His lofty ideals will always be the guiding spirit in all our activities.