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Hakkani Refuelling Station

Hakkani Refueling Stations are the sister concerns of Hakkani Group. Hakkani Group belongs 3 (Three) refueling stations situated in different places of Chattogram, Bangladesh. Hakkani Refueling Stations established by Mr. Mohammed Abdullah, Group Chairman of Hakkani Group.

Hakkani Refueling Station provides various fuel refueling services to Motor vehicles owners by ensuring quality, pure and correct measure of fuels. Since start of its operations, Hakkani Refueling Stations was emphasize to ensure standards of security, safety and occupational health as a foundation of this vital sector which affects all peoples in their daily lives. Since its inception, Hakkani Refueling Stations was also keen on establishing correct measurement in providing fuels. So it is said that Hakkani Refueling Station is Cornerstones of Correct Measurement of Fuels. Hakkani Refueling Station was emphasized on establishing highly experienced and knowledgeable technical work force trained to conduct all refueling and maintenance work related vehicles operated by natural gas, the fuel of this era, being economic, safe and environment friendly.

Hakkani Refueling Stations


Hakkani Pulp and Paper

HAKKANI PULP AND PAPER MILLS LIMITED is one of the pioneer, leading Paper and Tissue products manufactures in Bangladesh located at Chattogram which was incorporated in 1996. Hakkani Pulp and Paper Mills Limited was enlisted with Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited by issuing public shares in 2001 and become a publicly traded company. Under the guidance of 6 (Six) Board of Directors, the company is run by the management team headed by the Managing Director with a view to run the company efficiently.

Hakkani Pulp and Paper Mills Limited produces different kinds Papers and Tissue products in two production line.  Various kinds of writing paper, printing paper, news paper, media paper and kraft papers are produced in paper unit. All kinds of Tissue Products like facial tissue, pocket tissue, napkin tissue, hand towel, kitchen towel, hard tissue and medical bed sheet are produced in tissue unit.

The Company involved in producing, marketing and distributing products throughout the country with established agents, dealer, depot and outlet in adequate supply chain to ensure effective smooth supply in time on terms. In the view of production of best quality paper and customer strength, the company recognized for edge outstanding performance of product, quality manufacturing environment along with professional services. The company places total emphasis on maintaining and improving of quality of its products at every levels of production and handling of the company.

Presently, near about 700 peoples are employed in the company and also improved productivity of human input and company continuously enhance motivation and facilities to the workforce for converting as an assets of the country.

Hakkani Pulp & Paper Mill
Hakkani Motors Limited


Hakkani Motors

HAKKANI MOTORS LIMITED was incorporated as a private limited company in 2006. The registered office of the company is located at 2, D.T Road, North Pahartali, Chattogram. Hakkani Motors Limited is a largest transport and heavy vehicles service provider.

Hakkani Motors Limited owned a fleet of heavy vehicles like prime movers with high bed & low bed, long bed, open trucks, dump trucks, excavator, trailers/container carrier, crane, bulldozers, fork Lift (hoister), tank lorry etc.

As the largest integrated logistics solutions provider in Bangladesh, we are always at your services.

Right from transporting your cargo, heavy vehicles and supply chain solutions with flexible and scalable contract logistics, providing high-quality crane rentals, you can trust us with anything you need.

HAKKANI MOTORS LIMITED is a world-class heavy vehicles provider, state-of-the-art cargo handling equipment, skilled manpower and integrated logistic providing services are uniquely positioned to assist its clients in enhancing their business processes and supply chain.

HAKKANI MOTORS LIMITED is rapidly expanding its business capabilities by creating unique synergies and leveraging the specialized knowledge of its team of experts, Hakkani Motors Limited is successfully providing services in a cost-effective, efficient, innovative and tailor-made solutions to its clients.

Reach out with us so we can collaborate, challenge limits and turn your business goals into successes.