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Better Environment, Better Tomorrow

Hakkani Pulp and Paper Mills Limited believes that production of paper should not impair the right of others to live in harmony with nature. Contrary to popular belief, paper as product is environment- friendly, because:

  • It uses renewable resources as raw material.
  • Raw material is bio-degradable.
  • It uses only 8 percent of the world extract from forests, balance 92 per cent is used for fuel, fodder, timber, etc.
Environment Management

Hakkani Pulp and Paper Mills Limited has, modern effluent (waste water) treatment plant (ETP) in its production process unit, comprising both primary and secondary (biological) treatment to meet the standard, stipulated by the statutory authorities. The plants are in continuous operation since commissioning of production unit. Continuous efforts are on for adopting eco- friendly techniques in the process. 

Environment Policy:

Hakkani Pulp and Paper Mills Limited, an environment friendly organization is committed to:

Hakkani Pulp and Paper Mills Limited has achieved zero disposal of solid waste. HPPML are also committed to:

In Hakkani Pulp and Paper Mills, Solid wastes are used as land fill by controlled dumping for reclamation of the low lying areas owned by the Mills for future development. Plantation has also been done in the areas, thus developed.